My, What A Beautiful Face You Have


Pardon me. Am I showing my narcissism by posting this “selfie” of my face while out on my now-departed road bike and cycling around Arizona?

You might consider me guilty of doing so, yet I am showing this for a specific reason.

I do have a beautiful face. You do, too.

Children, adults and parents in the facial difference community around the world have heard too many “oohs” or “eeks” when going out in public. This leaves inner scars which run even deeper than those still prevalent on the outside.

What scars do you have? Are you shy, scared or afraid to let others see them? If so, then know it’s a pretty common occurrence. After all, when you have heard “You are so ugly” or “What happened to your face?” for a lot of your life then it just turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy. You begin to believe you’re ugly and your face isn’t pretty or attractive.

Let me break some news to you, OK. You look great. Sure, you can tell – if you look close enough – I have a facial difference. Does it totally define me as a man and human being? Hell no. Plenty of people who have facial differences also deal with very serious health-related concerns.

I am aware of this, and helping people understand, heal and move through tough emotional states is part of my life’s mission.

This is also being written on Halloween, a day where people dress up in costumes or put on masks in order to be someone else than their everyday selves. It also can be a really tough day for many in the facial difference community because some people feel like every single day is Halloween-ish for them.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and I simply want to give you hope. A deep hope to let  you know that you have a beautiful face. Please do your best to let the “noise in the head” not dictate your life’s path.

Together, our fabulous faces make the world a much better place.


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