The Power of Compassion


Compassion draws upon the deepest resources of our heart and souls. It is a siren calling out for help and understanding when others simply don’t have the capability to understand or comprehend what we, in and beyond the facial difference community, go through daily.

When I speak of compassion, I mean to do so from a place of power and not weakness. This rhythm of life and being alive allows me to look at another human being in distress and, at least internally, have a heart for their situation.

Can I solve everyone’s problems and “save the world” from troubles and heartaches? I wish I could, yet I have learned – oh man, have I learned – that I am not Superman or Batman or superhero extraordinaire. I’m a very human man, one who does have the capacity of understanding the power of compassion.

‘Talk a good game’

There are those who give lip service to compassion. They will “talk a good game” yet not even deliver in the clutch. Why? Because they’ve never been under the influence of others’ kindness. I do believe other people can be a great model of compassion for us to tap into on a regular basis.

Listen, compassion toward children, adults and parents in the facial difference community is a necessity.

I also want to make this point for those in business, too. If you are a business owner who simply does not have a capacity to show compassion toward your employees or clients, then I’d suggest you go take a long walk and do some soul searching.

Why even consider compassion in this “gotta hustle” world? It calls for me to slow down, take a breath and think about the ramifications of my thoughts, actions and emotions. Compassion is a deep well which we, as the human race, can dive into and touch with our golden souls.

There is power in compassion. There is power in understanding and comprehending how much this emotional state of being can deliver so many wonderful gifts. Imagine if the power of compassion was spread throughout young and old alike. Imagine if compassionate living became something of a “thing” which is good, sacred, holy and beautiful.

You and I have the ability to look compassion in the eyes, embrace it within ourselves and understand how it actually ties us together. We are so more powerful and strong when compassion is alive and well. There is a depth of awareness which knows no bounds.

Keeping compassion from others

Why do we let compassion keep us from feeling it toward others? Fear, anxiety, loneliness, shame, guilt, isolation, resentments, anger …¬† just a bundle of human emotions and feelings which just keep you and I separate. Is it hard to feel compassionate toward others who look down upon those of us in the facial difference community? Yes! Yes it is. To be clear, I’m not writing about being a doormat for other people. Not in the least. Compassion is not about weakness; it is about strength. It is about standing tall, smiling in the face of difficulties, looking down the barrel of others’ misguided beliefs, and attempting to have conversations.

Compassionate conversations, to be even more clear. My wish is this power of compassion would flow through all people toward everyone. Will it happen? I don’t know. When it comes to the needs and desires for healing, wholeness and love within and beyond the facial difference community around the world … I choose to believe compassion is a worthy goal to achieve.

Yeah, it might not get you out of debt, avoiding more physical and emotional pain because of numerous surgeries, or get you out of physically abusive situations. Compassion starts at home … with you. It starts with me.

Let us look compassion in the eyes and welcome it as part of our lives. You and I have the power within us. Let’s share it with one another and light up the world with it.

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