To Speak Or Not To Speak?


In business, there are times when it is good to speak out and other times where sound wisdom might prompt someone to not speak out.

Sometimes, words are said in the heat of the moment which might have been better discerned under measured conditions. It is a way of communicating with others that does involve a careful dance between speaking and listening.

Listening? Yes, listening to another person’s opinion in a business setting. Consider this: You and I are working on a project together where I’m a copywriter and you are a client. We discuss what are the main points of the project and the end goal. If I am over on my side saying blah-blah-blah and totally not listening to you, then I am not serving you at all.

As the picture above shows, not seeing, not hearing, and not speaking out are ways to NOT deal with business situations.

But I do know that the more I open myself up to listening to a client’s needs, then I am able to address those and offer solid solutions. There are great businessmen and women who have actively tapped into the solid solution area, and made a great fortune doing so. They work hard, focused, dedicated and provide value to not only clients but also the general public, too.

It’s a perilous wire to walk when it comes to speaking or not speaking in business. If you don’t speak out and ask for what you want, then you can be in business … but you won’t be going far. I think of the men and women who hustle a lot for clients. They are always on the go, always looking for new and innovative ways to serve in business.

They are speaking with intention. They are NOT speaking recklessly. They know what they want to say and … BOOM!  … say it.

In business, it is really important to speak out. It’s also important to not speak all the time and do some listening.

This week, as you go about building your business or working with clients, think about those moments when words will help out. Also, think about those times when active listening can definitely make a difference in your life and that of your client.


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