When Dreams Come True, Are You Awake For Them?


It is an interesting question to ponder, at least from a business and life sense.

Everyone has dreams. Dreams for a better life, family, friends, new home, love, joy and all sorts of great things. It might be a new car or simply an ability to get up out of bed each day without any pain in their body at all.

Yet I want to ask you a simple question. When your dreams come true, are you awake for them? Listen, in business, people succeed through determination and focus. There are other factors, too, yet having a laser focus and a strong, determined mind will take you places.

Those dreams come true. Connections are made. “Tribes” are formed.

Yet are you AWAKE for the coming-true dreams?

I admit one of my biggest dreams is to have communities all over the world for children, adults and parents in the facial difference community to heal. I’ve had this dream for many years and, in spite of my own personal failings and decisions, it still lingers within me.

I write a LOT and speak a LOT about the emotional well-being around this topic. It’s what I have experienced, and I know from the response of others that they also feel these same emotions, too.

Yes, emotions and feelings get in the damned way of facts and data.

In business, though, dreams come true all the time. Stories are all around of men and women going from being destitute, filled with fear, and broke … then they find themselves on the other side of the coin. Prosperous, hopeful, and richer than ever before.

Still AWAKE for these dreams?

Awakening happens either in a flash of light … or creeps along in a rather subtle way. Awakening happens in board rooms, in gyms, on trails, at the base of snow-capped mountains, or walking along the beach with some wonderful soul by your side.

I believe if everyone was fully awake and aware of dreams coming true when they do … then it would help form that millionaire mindset everyone dreams of having. Oh sure, I know many people get enough satisfaction of helping others. I do, too, and I totally understand.

But I want to be awake when my dreams come true. I want to taste the great good life which is everyone’s birthright. You got it and so do I, my brothers and sisters.

Look at people who go on “Shark Tank,” presenting their business ideas and hoping for these powerful entrepreneurs to support their dreams.

You have seen their reactions when they get the support. They are definitely AWAKE for it all to go down.

Let me bottom line it for you and I: The more that I and we are awake when our dreams come true, then we’re going to be in a great place to be successful in business and life.

What is holding you down today will be something you will look back on from a distant place and (maybe) say, “I learned a lot from that painful experience. Thank you for teaching me.”

You and I don’t need to be consistently looking over our shoulders at the past. We don’t have to live in it anymore.

Is it hard to let go of it? Well yeah, especially if a lot of it involves personal, emotional and physical trauma. That stuff doesn’t totally go away with a baptism in water, friends.





These four words can carry you and I a long, long way in our businesses and lives.

Dreams do come true. Hold on to your dreams, allow them to come alive … and share the bounty which manifests from it with the world.

Let your gifts and dreams guide you in business and life. As you become more awake, then  you will gradually see what great gifts you provide.

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