Clean Up Your Content Right Now


When someone is working to create an article, brochure, or something with words in it, then there becomes a great importance placed upon how the words are spelled and sentences are structured.

If you don’t believe me, then take a look at a business brochure or sales sheet. Take a good, close look at it because there might be some misspelled words.

This would not be too surprising because a lot companies – even those with major dollars – sometimes give a short shrift to having clean content.

Content helps get a message across to the person reading or viewing the information. It needs to be clear and concise, for sure. It also needs to be filled with words which are correctly used.

With that said, here are five ways to clean up your content:

Make it sound good – Make sure those words actually are saying something. Sounding good involves twirling words and phrasing which actually lets the reader “hear” your voice or pitch.

Make it clear – Reading any content which doesn’t provide clear direction or suggestions will quickly be dismissed. You really have a short amount of time to make a point and grab someone’s attention.

Make it concise – Yes, actually make brevity a point because going on and on and on about a subject or topic will leave the reader or potential customer bored. They will click away or throw away anything which takes up their time and does not add value.

Make it real – Describe a real-life situation or actually present something which is tangible. Making it real provides people with an opportunity to put themselves in similar situations. The reader will go “Ah, yeah I can relate to this situation” and that gets a person’s attention.

Make it worthwhile – Provide value. Give the reader something to put their time into those words. If you are going to give up some wasteful content, then you’ve lost a person right there. Will he or she come back to your site? That’s the really tough intangible. Either they will or they won’t.

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