Getting emotional is good for your copy


Let me ask you some questions.

Do you know how you are feeling right now?

What emotions are kicking around inside your heart?

Do you spend time even thinking about this stuff?

Are emotions simply not part of your physical DNA?

Are your emotions just DOA in your DNA?

There is little doubt that juicy words can turn the power of persuasion into some big bucks.

To be honest, I’m not in the stratosphere (at the moment) of big-money copywriters. Maybe that honesty will come back to bite me … yet I am making incremental strides toward that direction.

You see … words can move a person to take some action. They can be helpful if you are working on a sales page. Those words will take someone into a place where they will actually feel a need to purchase a product or – heaven forbid – another “shiny object.”

Good copy plays a vital role in getting clients and customers inside your business.

It moves, shakes, rattles, and rolls people who are so interested in particular topics. They “need” to get this, that, or the other because their “need” is unmet.

For instance, if I wanted to get a supplement which helped me get stronger in the gym, then I’d look online for something which can help. When I come across said supplement, what are the things I’m looking for from it?

  • Helps in adding strength
  • Keeps your workouts going longer
  • Provides post-workout effects which help in recovery

There are others, too, but you get the point here.

Mixing in the words to make a sales page, landing page, numerous website pages, or email opt-in page a “must-have” in someone’s life will definitely provide a winning edge for your business.

Emotional triggers move people to do strange things. Someone will be watching an infomercial at 2 a.m. on TV and, all of a sudden, find himself or herself placing an order for the latest kitchen utensil. They don’t really need it, but their internal emotional landscape has been uprooted. The “need to buy” subjugates the “don’t need it at all” mindset.

In copy, using emotionally-charged words definitely helps a business in the long run.


Customers will come back for more of whatever is being sold.

They will love it.

They want it.

They need it.

A copywriter has the ability to shift a person into immediate action. Those who can get conversion rates really high with quality work are paid a LOT for their efforts.

Stop and think about all of the advertisements on TV, heard on the radio, or seen online or in periodicals (newspapers, magazines, etc.). What makes the successful ones linger in your head? Probably it’s short, catchy, and might even be connected with a jingle.

These are emotional movers and shakers, people.

While it will leave people scratching their heads over getting items they don’t need, copywriters will make business owners very happy with their work.

Put a little emotion in those words, OK?

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