Get Funky With Your Digital Personality


Creating a digital personality can feel daunting, much like getting on a cycling bike and riding into a 20-mph headwind. Sheesh! There’s “this” to do and “that” to join. Plus, you have to add “this gadget” and “that connection.”

It can feel overwhelming and, well, send someone out looking for the nearest bar.

Let me ask you this. What if you made doing all of this digital platform work fun? Instead of seeing it as another boring, monotonous piece of business, see it as an opportunity to show a little of your personality.

After all, this is your digital life we’re talking about.

How you present yourself online is extremely important. Be congruent in this, OK. If you are a sweet, tender person across your digital timeline … and not the same way in real life, then check yourself.

Be who YOU are.

Now, let’s look at the platforms. Well, there’s Facebook (the Mother Of All Communities), Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and on and on it goes.

Those men and women who stand out online are able to find a true balance between who they are in real life and their words and videos online.

When I say “get funky” with all of this, I’m actually giving you permission to express yourself openly for your business.

Make your platform stand out from the crowd. Deliver a lot of great value and solid content.

You know the ancient saying “ask and it is given” … it’s true.

Ask for the sale.

Ask for the business.

In the same process, though, deliver value. What you offer through your digital profile is something which should be attractive to people.

You will not lasso the world if you’re trying to reach everyone.

I’ve come to find out (and am still learning) is there are certain niches which are quite profitable.

There really is not a niche where an entrepreneur or business owner could not use a copywriter.

If the copywriter also has an awareness of the online world, then it could actually turn into a win-win situation for both copywriter and business owner.

Have some fun with your digital personality. Bring some “personality” to it all.

You might find more people will be drawn to you than repelled. Also, you might find more people repelled than drawn.

If so, then that’s the “sweet spot” where your ability to get noticed above the usual crowd starts kicking in.

Yes, it does take work. It takes focus and intention. It can be done, though.

Get funky with your digital personality.

Have fun.

Do good.

Get business.


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