Sales Funnels: Blazing The Trail For Your Business


Sales funnels are all over the Internet.

In fact, they can even be found while listening to your radio or watching TV.

They have been used for many years, albeit in different formats and not necessarily called “sales funnels” in advertising.

You might be scratching your head and saying “Say what?” to yourself right now.

Let’s take a look at the TV example.

There you are, sitting either by yourself or with family and friends, watching your favorite program.

What comes on to fill the space between your programs?

Ads … lots and lots of advertisements for products and services.

One of these happens to stick out and the impulse to get more information about said item is too much. Get on the phone and call the number on the screen or, in these modern times, grab your laptop or tablet and Google the product.

Once you reach your destination, you can chat or read about the service more and more. Then, you make an initial buy-in either with your email address or your credit card.

What happens next? You wait in the mail for your product to be shipped, or check your email “in box” for your product order confirmation. Then, you might receive another email with additional products or services for sale.

Congratulations, you have just entered the world of a sales funnel.


In these online-dominant days, sales funnels are used for any – and I mean A-N-Y – product you can imagine. Think about it for a second. Whatever just popped in your mind, then I pretty much will guarantee there’s a sales funnel being used for it.

When offering business owners or brick-and-mortar stores an opportunity to build a sales funnel for them, it’s gotten a lot easier thanks to different systems.

It used to be that a business owner had to go purchase advertising space through radio, television, newspapers, and magazines alone. Those mediums are still good in spite of some struggles.

Yet the largest, fastest-growing areas to use sales funnels are on the Internet.

When you go online, start Googling about a product or service, then find what you want, guess where you might be led down a path? Yes sir, a sales funnel.

It’s so effective to use one. Target marketing – something which has been around for decades in advertising and marketing circles – is still used for tactically building out these funnels.

When doing so, there are practical steps to follow. Here are four basic steps without much explanation needed:

Know your audience.

Do some research.

Fine-tune your messaging.

Get it done.

I also would add don’t overthink things too much. When you do, those perfectionist tendencies (if you have them) will crop up and actually stop you from taking action.

After completing your own sales funnel, then you can go back and tweak and adjust as you go along. It’s an amazing process, one where you can help others tap into audiences and customers they “thought” were unreachable.

Get your sales funnel action going. Your business deserves it.


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