Entrepreneurs, Make A Gateway To Your Own Tribe

Name an actor, actress, or musician which you are a fan of in your life. Just picture that person or group in front of you.

Got it? Super! Now look up that specific person or musician on Google and see what people are saying about them, what articles have been written, or the number of social media postings available out there.

What is the one thing each of these people or groups have in common? They have a fan base.

These fans love whatever movie or music comes from them, whether it is brand new or – in the case of some musicians – a “best of” collection.

A Passionate Following

People eat it up because they LOVE their work. They are passionate followers of what they do professionally. Some have even learned about the deft touch of providing an inside look into their lives while maintaining a level of boundaries.

OK, let’s role-reverse this around your business.

I know you would love to have an awesome problem like a million people following you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat or whatever platform you’ll use. Imagine the power of having your own passionate, raving fandom at your beck and call.

Put an email or video out and – BAM! – they are ready to comment or share your valuable content.

The more you share, the more you develop relationships with people who want more of what you offer.

In essence, you are building your own “tribe.” I first ran across this word from author and innovator Seth Godin, and it’s resonated with me through my own entrepreneurial journey.

Yet where does one actually start building their “tribe” and getting people to “buy in” for more valuable content?

Always Give Some Value

Well friends, it starts by giving some value. For instance, as a copywriter and writer I want to give you value in this blog post. It’s important that I do so because I’d like to have you come back and visit again and again.

I’d like you to tell your friends and business associates that you like my content and share it.

I’d really like it if you hung around for a long, long time and we got to know one another through our “tribe” connection.

One way which can keep your “tribe” connected is through a well-planned email sequence.

Let’s say you offer a freebie on your website. It might be a short downloadable eBook or tip-filled PDF. Someone enters their email address, they get the freebie, and they’ll begin to receive some emails from you.

There are structures and formats which can persuade people to join up.

Another sure-fire way is to simply be you. Yeah, it might be tempting to totally copy some of the big-name marketers you see all over the Internet with their high-dollar coaching, courses, and live events. In some cases, it’s OK to “hack” their process and make it into your own special path.

Yet what you’re ultimately seeking to do is make a gateway for your own “tribe.” You want your own people connecting with you, and you want to keep giving them valuable information and support.

Everyone has their own style. It could range from just totally over-caring about each person in your email list, praying they actually never leave. Or you could simply learn to give zero f#&ks about who stays or leaves, and just be yourself.

Remember: Your tribe wants to hear from you on a regular basis. Your community will, in time, learn to share with one another and it grows and grows.

So build your own community. Give them some value regularly. Watch what happens when you actually suit up and show up for them…and for you.

(Note: Affiliate links have been used in this blog post.)

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