Explaining The Fine Art Of Making A Pivot


It’s funny and wonderful how some people step right into their businesses and know exactly what they are going to sell and whom their customer base will be.

That is because these entrepreneurs have done their homework. They’ve surveyed the land, so to speak, and seen where the “blue ocean” (to borrow a term from Russell Brunson’s “Expert Secrets”) flows.

Then again, there are other times where business owners need to be ready for a change or pivot.

Pivot? Isn’t that a basketball term?

Yes, it’s where a player dribbling the basketball is going in one direction then pivots in another direction.

Making a pivot, and knowing when to do it, can be a game-changing experience in business and life. There is no one who actually has not pivoted consciously or unconsciously at some point in their lives. It just happens.

Now is there an art to making a pivot? Yes, I choose to believe there is a deft type of touch to it.

See, this falls along the pattern of being really set in your ways. It is OK to say “we’ve always done it this way, so we’re going to keep doing it this way.” In spite of seeing the bottom line get lower and lower on a month-by-month basis, there are those business owners who will simply keep on doing it the “old-fashioned” way.

Um, this is 2017 and there is a Wild West of Internet usage available. Brick-and-mortar businesses can actually tap into more leads through things like email marketing, Facebook ads, content strategy, and other ways.


It’s a word which is used regularly in one of my online communities. Someone had been watching too many “Friends” reruns. This person remembered an episode where David Schwimmer’s character yelled “Pivot!” to his co-horts when moving a large couch down a stairwell.

As many of you know, I’m a copywriter and writer. After having a solid conversation with an individual a few days ago, I finally found some clarity around my niche.

My niche is spiritual entrepreneurs, those women and men who are approaching their businesses through the lens of spirituality.

From this point forward, my copywriting and writing work will be focused toward this niche. I’ve felt a deep sense of my “real self” connecting to my business goals and dreams since having this realization.

One struggle which hampered me from committing to a single niche has been my desire to be all things to all people. I want to help EVERYONE and give them incredible service while being compensated very well for my work.

Interestingly, though, this plan of action probably backfired on me. If someone asked others about what I do, then they could say I’m a copywriter and writer. If they followed it up with what’s his niche, then they really didn’t have a solid answer.

Now they do.

As an aside, every single person has their own spiritual path. Yes, I also know some people have none at all. My desire in helping spiritual entrepreneurs does not mean I am not acknowledging all aspects of humanity. Not in the least.

Think of it this way. You drive your car into a business which advertises itself as a jack-of-all-trades mechanic shop. Those exist in many different forms. Yet if you drove in there, stepped inside and found a coffee shop instead of a mechanic shop, would you feel OK with it or a little put off?

I bet you’d feel just a little put off.

This is why getting down to a solid niche is important. It’s something which I have heard and read about a whole lot.

Once I gave up my resistance to going full-bore into a niche, clarity and focus showed up in a whole new way.

Let me encourage you to consider making a pivot with your words and content if it’s not working.

Even look at your life as well beyond your business. Well, both of them do intersect don’t they? Yes they do.

In life, you and I have to pivot all the time. Friends and family members are all OK and good, yet sometimes you have to set up boundaries or let them go. It’s hard, it’s tough, and it sucks.

Pivoting in business can accelerate these emotional reactions, too.

Here’s a quick three-step plan to follow:

  1. Have a conversation with a trusted friend or confidante.
  2. Codify the information from your conversation.
  3. Make a decision.

Sounds simple? It is if you simply surrender, take action, and are open-minded to what information you hear and receive.

Take stock on where you are at today and if you need to pivot, then do it.

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