Your Creativity Can Be Your Own Destiny

Creativity is a beautiful thing. Look at the trees, buildings, mountains, sky, and wherever your environment leads you to in this moment.

Every single thing pulsates with some form of creative energy. You might not believe this, but it’s true.

Please understand, not all of us have creative bents. We are ALL creative in a sense, whether it is in business or the arts or healing.

Our creativity does not end at all.

Look at the most powerful, important inventors over the millennia. They tapped into one of the greatest sources of creativity within themselves: their imagination.

You have the same ability to tap into that realm as well. In fact, the mere belief that you can create from your place of imagination will become your own path to destiny.

Creative, energy-filled people are all over the world. Just look at the entrepreneurs, the dreamers, the ones who people say will never make it. They are the ones proving others wrong over and over again. Their powerful imaginations, backed with focused action and strong intentions, deliver the goods in today’s marketplace.


Think about this for a minute. You have a spark of inspiration, you get a little excited, you get up to a point where you want to yell “Yes, I’ve found a solution to a problem”…and reality slaps you in the face.

This reality tells you that you’ll never succeed so look at your past failures, look at your bank account, look at your relationships, and look at your pathetic life.

Where in the world does your creativity have a chance to lead you into a promised land of success and abundance when “reality” comes along? Let me tell you. There is zero chance of succeeding because you already have knocked yourself out of your own ballgame.

It’s over. Might as well pack those dreams away, go get that boring job one more time, and live out the rest of your days simply not living.

Is that your destiny? Please. The world is hungry for your creativity, your gifts, and your talents. Why? Because this eternal cycle of inspiration, creation, manifestation, and liberation connect within every single person who is reading this right now.

Your own creativity can be YOUR destiny. It can be the shining star, the true North Star, which guides you out of a sunken abyss and into the land of milk, honey, and love.

What you want you can get. Never let the bleating voices of defeat keep you from your destiny. Right now, no matter when you are reading these words, there are men and women feverishly traveling across the globe consulting with billion-dollar businesses. There are artists, mystics, and shamans practicing their own creative lives which have no limits at all.

Limitations are only preconceived ideas which you and I have placed upon ourselves through our human conditioning. Maybe you have heard too many people say “you can’t” or “you shouldn’t” or “you’ll get hurt if you do X, Y, or Z.” Well, who’s right and who’s wrong? No one in particular; just those voices of craziness have robbed you of getting to your destiny.


Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? What is your destiny? Have you tapped into your creativity at a deep, soulful level?

Have you?

Yes? Fantastic. Now tell the whole world about it and don’t be afraid.

No? OK, so what’s keeping you from doing it? Fear? Anxiety? Self-defeating thoughts?

I get it. Trust me, they’ve all run through my mind throughout my life. You are not alone.

Yet the bottom line comes to this: I can either let my circumstances dictate my life, or I can dictate my life and have my circumstances align in a better way.

Creative energy pours through your heart and soul all the time. You can’t help it. You were born with it. Creativity is all around us.

You have the power, passion, and force within you to make anything which you create as part of your own destiny. There is absolutely nothing keeping you from your goals except one person.


Get out of your way. Let your creative passion flow outward into the world. Your destiny awaits you today. Do it!

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