Procrastination Is Not Healthy For Your Business

If there is one thing which can definitely work against you in business, then it’s going to be procrastination.

Delaying and keeping “busy” by checking out social media platforms like looking for a new hit of drama can take someone out of their element.

What lies behind procrastination? Most people probably would say that it’s fear. It is the fear of not being good enough, worthy enough, fear of lack, low self-esteem and all of the above.

Especially if you are looking to get going and need clients and business, like, right now, then there are two choices: get busy or get stuck in fear.

It happens to people who have 9-to-5 jobs, too. The fear of losing a job, or fear of not getting a promotion because you have worked in the same place for many years and “feel like” you deserve it, might simply lead someone into the procrastination station.

Yet aren’t there things to do which can ward off the fear-based hesitation moves within your life? Well, yes there are to an extent.

First, take action. This simply involves moving from where you are to where you want to be. It involves following your own plan and making a step in the right direction. Taking action gets things moving. Taking action means that you are willing to move out of your comfort zone. It also involves taking a risk.

Second, get out of your head. Listen, the “chattering monkeys” which run around your head will want you to look here, there, and everywhere. They do not want you to slow down and ponder anything of value or consequence. Getting out of your head can be as simple as taking out some paper, writing down all of the good and bad things which can happen in your life. Remember, keeping all of the negative noise running between your ears can simply leave you in a state of mental paralysis.

Third, connect with like-minded people. You may know many other people who deal with procrastination on a daily basis. They might be good friends who care about you personally. Yet in order to break the pattern, then you might have to reach out and chat with someone else on a higher level.

Getting totally caught up in worry, fear, and your old stories will not prove productive in your business. People will smell out that type of person and look for someone with some sort of energy. Procrastinating from taking action is something which definitely keeps people caught up in a vicious cycle.

Consider using these three simple steps to move out of procrastination on a daily basis when needed. Then reach out and seek some outer counsel among friends who will understand your plight.

Article originally posted on HuffPost.

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