August 22, 2016


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I’m a writer at heart. It’s like what I do on a consistent basis, and I’ve been doing it for quite a long time.

Yet there’s another critical element to whatever I write or create. There is a spiritual element to it. No matter whether it is something for a large-scale publication or a blog post, there’s a piece of my heart, soul, and spirit connected to the words.

For me, spirituality and creativity go hand-in-hand. This especially works when helping spiritual entrepreneurs with their content.

A fascinating, complex world of spiritual paths intersect people and their beliefs all over the globe. All it truly takes is a sense of being open-minded and allow your spirit or soul to guide you.

I am aware of this deep connection…and help spiritual entrepreneurs bring their words to life.

As for those large-scale publications, I do write for┬áThe Huffington Post, Thrive Global, The Good Men Project, Addicted2Success, and Elite Daily. In addition, I’m the author of four books.

Remember: Copywriting is an art, craft, and takes a lot of time to master. Connecting words and spirituality combine to make up an enriching experience for both reader and receiver alike.

As a client, you depend on me to write solid copy and content which – in turn – brings you massive sales.

As a copywriter, it is my goal to meet and exceed your expectations.

As a writer, it is my goal to produce quality content.

As a spiritual being, it is my intention to bring Spirit into every single word I write and create.

While you are here, I’m offering ALL spiritual entrepreneurs a FREE 15-minute Spiritual Entrepreneur Check-In call. This will let you and I go over some information and get started on creating some magical, mystical, wonderful content for your business.

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