August 26, 2016



As a writer who has more than 30-plus years in the communications industry, I have a knack for turning words and phrases into compelling copy. This involves blog posts, web content, press releases and ghostwriting.

Let me help you find the right words for your business.

Social Media Management

A lot of people have heard about needing social media platforms for their businesses and services. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn … this can all feel overwhelming. To be honest, many people don’t want to even deal with social media and simply focus on their business. I know. I’ve worked with clients in building up their social media presence.

Let me help raise your social media presence.


I have the distinct pleasure of sharing my own life experiences as part of the international facial difference community with people. I know individuals living from Canada and South Africa to Great Britain and Ghana who see and feel my passion around speaking openly and frankly about the struggles and successes of life. In front of audiences small or large, the message of hope touches all people.

Let me come and share with you.


Many skills I have learned throughout my own journey are equally applicable to those in business and life. Providing detailed action plans and step-by-step guidance is something that I know has helped me.

Let me come and help your organization.